Estate Planning for business owners, medical professionals and families

Estate Planning covers a wide range of subjects that are mostly connected with the death of someone, be it a business partner, a spouse, a parent or a grand-parent. In order to be completed efficiently, you’ll need to surrounding yourself with a team consisting at least of an accountant, a lawyer, and an insurance agent. Funny that so often the insurance portion of it is left to accountants and lawyers, despite their usual lack of expertise in the matter. Would you get your dentist to perform heart surgery? No. Same with estate planning, the insurance component is vital.

Having a proper estate plan in place is a true gift for those who stay behind and have to deal with the affairs or the business continuation. We’re touching on some of the key components to help you understand just who important it is.

Minimize Tax Liabilities

Most people don’t realize that their biggest tax bill will be when they die. In order to make sure that all what you’ve worked for doesn’t end up in the government’s pockets, you want to make sure that you’ve arranged your affairs in order to minimize the tax burden when the inevitable comes. There are many strategies available, and working with an estate lawyer, an accountant and an insurance expert is key in ensuring that you have the proper plan.

Business Succession

You’ve worked hard to build a business that you can be proud of. One day, you will go. This is a fact, and it is part of planning to ensure that when it happens, the transition will be smooth and your family, or business partner(s) will not be left with a big mess to navigate through.If you have one or several partners in the business, what happens if one of them goes, or if you go? Having a Buy-Sell agreement in place allows the remaining partners to receive money to buy your spouse out of the business.

Leaving a Family Legacy?

Most people want to be remembered after they’re gone, and leaving a legacy that lasts is only possible if you have the proper tools and the understanding of the possibilities that are available. By designing the right plan, and carrying it forward, you’ll be able to leave more than just money to your family or favorite charity, but something bigger, something that will keep on giving long after you’re gone. Starting your own bank on yourself and the next generations allows you to achieve just that.

Peace of Mind

It doesn’t matter who you are, one day, you’ll die. We all will. Having a proper plan in place, making sure that our families and business partners are fully aware and understand that plan offers you a peace of mind that will be amazing. Knowing that all you’ve worked for, that the statement of your life will continue after you’re gone is priceless. Building that plan is crucial, then ensuring you communicate it properly to your family or business partners before something happens just as crucial.

Workshop to help Executors / Executrix navigate the challenges that come with the job.

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