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Adjusted Cost Basis – ACB

The Adjusted Cost Basis of a policy is a number used for income tax purposes.  The significance of the ACB to most clients is that it quantifies the amount of cash that can be borrowed against the policy (as a policy loan), or withdrawn from the policy (as a withdrawal or possibly a complete surrender [...]

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Additional Deposit – Overfunding

Additional Deposit is an option that can help grow your policy faster and more efficiently.  It allows you to purchase additional paid-up insurance over and above the Paid-Up Additions purchased by policy dividends.  This process is also often referred to as "overfunding" a policy, or as a “boost”.  For this option to be available, your [...]

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Absolute Assignment – also known as “Policy Transfer”

When you are looking to transfer the ownership of your Whole Life insurance policy to someone else, it is done through an “Absolute Assignment”.  We often think of life insurance as a tool to transfer wealth to the next generation at death, but a Whole Life policy can be transferred during one’s lifetime to the [...]

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What is better, to rent… or to buy?

One question that comes up frequently among medical students and residents, is whether you should buy or rent a house/condo/apartment for your studying years. It really depends what financial situation you're in, and how long you think you'll be staying in the same town/city. If you only have a couple years left for your residency, [...]

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