A major part of the reason why Whole Life insurance is such a great wealth building tool, is the guarantees that it provides.  In our current investing world, there are very few things that can promise any degree of a true guarantee.  Whole Life can not only use the word “guaranteed” with its product, but many of the guarantees are written directly into the insurance policy contract.  Whole Life is built upon a contract that possesses guaranteed level premiums for life (or 20 years if you set it that way), guaranteed cash values, and a guaranteed death benefit as long as you pay your premiums.  Additionally, your cash values are guaranteed to never lose their value and your cash values are guaranteed to always be accessible. Also remember that by contractual design, your cash values will equal your death benefit by age 100, so it is constantly telling you exactly at least what your cash values will be, if you live long enough and continue paying your premiums.  And if something happens to you before that age, it will still pay out the death benefit.  In today’s world, there just isn’t any other product like Whole Life insurance.