What is IBC?

The Infinite Banking Concept is available to anybody. It basically allows you to build your own banking system that you can then use to finance the big purchases you will have throughout your life: car purchase, vacations, retirement… To find more about the concept, you can read the books that we published on that concept and its Canadian application.

Who is it For?

Doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, we haven’t found anybody we could not help yet. It takes discipline, and patience, but once your banking system is up and running, it will continuously grow on a guaranteed basis. Should you not be insurable, you can start some policies on your kids, grand-kids, or business partners.

Start Your Bank

Time is not on your side until you have one or several policies/banks started. After that, you can enjoy the continuous and guaranteed growth that is offered by the policies used for the IBC. This concept is not suited for everybody, reach out to see if you would be a good fit and how to best structure a plan so you can get the most out of it.


Kids’ Education
Use the IBC or Permanent Life Insurance instead of the RESP to fund your kids’ education. Regain control and flexibility.

Business Owner – Corporation
Is your inventory costing you money, by setting up your own bank, you can get some or all of that money back.

Get a copy of “The Wealty Physician – Canadian Edition”, a book designed for you about the Infinite Banking Concept.

Forced Savings Account
One of the nice features of a properly set up IBC plan is that it becomes a force savings account that you can rely on.


If you haven’t yet read one of the two books about the infinite Banking Concept that I published back in 2015 (“The Wealthy Physician – Canadian Edition” or “Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition“), I encourage you to start there before reaching out, as it will help set a strong foundation and answer a lot of the questions that you might have about the concept right now.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out by clicking on the link below and one of our experts will follow up with you. ‚Äč