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“Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition” is the Canadian version of the original book of the same name written by Kim Butler. The book has been adapted to fit our Canadians laws, especially when it comes to taxation, and will show you exactly how you can take advantage of one of the most common, but misunderstood, financial tools.

In it, you’ll discover exactly how you can use your life insurance to benefit you while you are alive — and help you build financial security.

In addition, it will reveal ways to make the best of your policy no matter what age you are. Most people don’t realize what a powerful tool they have in their life insurance policies — this book will be your guide.

Concepts discussed in the book

When properly set up, your policy can literally become your own bank. In order to get the most out of it, and prevent frustration down the road with the flexibility or access to money or funding source, you have to make sure that the policy is well designed, with the right company!

The money that is deposited into the policy is protected from the creditors, which is a perfect way to ensure that your money will be there when you need it. Nobody can foresee what could come down the road, and having a secure and safe place to park your money is worth its weight in gold.

There are three main ways to optimize (reduce) your taxes:

– first, once you have deposited money inside a policy, it will grow tax free,

– second, when you go to access it or leverage it, you can do so without any taxes (you’ll pay interest on the loan, but no income tax),

– finally, with a properly designed policy, your biggest tax bill (when you die) is avoided by a direct transfer of the money to your heirs either in the form of a death benefit, or in the form of a policy containing a large cash value (equity).

RESP are good in the fact that they do offer the potential to add 20% to your savings, which shouldn’t be overlooked. The challenge though is that they are usually very regimented, and won’t allow you to access the money for any other reasons.

With a properly designed life insurance policy, you can create an education fund, but you can also access the money for any other reason that might be more critical than the education that you’re trying to save for.

I briefly touched on that in the tax topic above, but a properly designed whole life insurance policy will offer significant estate transfer benefits.

Either in the form of a death benefit, which is basically the transfer of a big amount of cash without any taxes, or in the form of a policy with a certain amount of money held into it, similar to equity in a property. Regardless of what the amount of money sitting inside the policy, the transfer down the generation happens without any taxes.

Setting up a legacy of infinite banking can spread over a couple generations, but once established, it can continue to grow with amazing speed and efficiency.

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“Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Application”

An Age-Old Approach Revitalized

    • On reading this book, hopefully people will see the tremendous potential benefits of Whole Life insurance instead of thinking of insurance as an expense. Among the various strategies for accessing the funds and living your life insurance, I found the “Family Bank” section very powerful, especially when it comes to family wealth transfer. Truly, if families would just start following the concept described herein, how much better off would all the generations be! Thanks again for sharing. This is a book that I will feel very comfortable using to help educate advisors on the values and benefits of Whole Life insurance.
      Grace Kallal CFP, CLU, CHFC, CSA
    • From all I’ve read on the subject, Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition is my favorite book so far. I love it! It explains the concept in a very informative and easy to understand manner. Shortly after I was introduced to it, I purchased five Whole Life policies on my kids and grand-kids. After only two years of funding these into my “Family Bank”, I had enough cash value in them to purchase a brand new truck, sell it to one of my businesses, and have the payments with interest paid back to my “bank”. Anyone can do it. With the series of these policies, I will leave a legacy to my family for generations to come. It is truly the best financial advice I have ever had and is also very easy to use. I recommend this book to any new parents, so that they can start their own banks for themselves and their children. This would be one of the smartest investment of their lives. Why give your money away to governments, banks, and insurance companies that only like to take money out of your pockets? Now is time to take action and make smart decisions that will last your whole life. Learn to live your life insurance rather than wait until you’re gone and leave nothing for your family to have a better life.
      Real Chartrand Business Owner & Sophisticated Investor
    • Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition makes you wonder why an entire generation of financial advisors (who have been lulled into complacency about the risks to which they expose their clients), aren’t considering the everyday uses of Whole Life insurance and the guarantees to which this unique product offers. While having many applications for its uses, Butler, Guest and Rempp show us how one dollar can do multiple jobs – and are mystified why we are letting our dollars do only one job. While “Cascading Life Insurance” has been used by the wealthy for generations as a way to pass on wealth, it’s easy to see why more and more Canadians are tossing the idea of ‘buying term and investing the difference’. I’ve had the honour of sitting and studying with all three authors in the same room. In person, they are all engaging, practical, patient and highly insightful, all with unique views on how to Live Your Life Insurance. This book will make you want to race out and put your dollars to better use.
      Will Moran MA, HBA, CLU -- Moran Financial Inc.
    • Wow, Kim Butler has nailed it. A recognized expert in creative Life Insurance Strategies, Kim has provided us with a comprehensive, understandable yet simplified explanation of how to use a somewhat misunderstood product that has been around for over 200 years. Imagine a book that teaches you how to use life insurance while you are alive? What a concept! Filling a void on the Canadian bookshelves, Antoine Rempp and Douglas Guest have Canadianized this amazing book. This book is a must read for anyone who has been disillusioned with the typical Financial Planning process based on assumptions and projections with no guaranteed results. Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition is one of the best I have ever read.
      Allan L Johnson Financial Advisor, Author, CCS™
    • We founded our company Game Changers because we believe entrepreneurs should be able to follow the dreams of their heart. Through getting to know Douglas Guest, and becoming close friends with him, we realized how we have the same passions. He is passionate about people living their passions without having to worry about money. We have discussed that unfortunately, all too often money can get in the way of peoples dreams. Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition outlines a financial tool in Whole Life insurance that really allows its owners to Live Their Lives regardless of any business ambitions. It’s just too bad how many people don’t even know of its existence. Imagine all of the possibilities that life can hold when you don’t have to worry about your finances. You are free to pursue your dreams and see where life takes you. A financial tool to empower one’s own life. Love it.
      Christan Hiscock & Jordan Sickel Founders of Game Changers Inc & Connect Cafés

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    The Infinite Banking Concept in action

    Antoine Rempp

    Wealth Coach

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    Canadian Co-Author

    Douglas Guest obtained a Bachelor of Commerce with Major in Finance from McGill University, and has a psychology degree focused on Family Systems Th [...]

    Kim Butler

    Original Author of the Americal Version of the book

      Kim Butler is not your “typical financial planner.” Founder of Partners for Prosperity, LLC., a federally Registered Investment Advisor [...]