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I don’t believe that one person can be the expert at everything. Just like one insurance company can NOT have the best product for every situation.
For that reason, I work closely with some partners in the industry who are all experts in their respective disciplines: from accounting, to money management, to compliance… Together, we provide the highest level of integrity and solutions.


Wealth Coach

Antoine Rempp is a Medical Professional Financial Strategist. His expertise and passion are to work with professionals on growing and protecting their wealth, while minimizing the amount of taxes they will pay during their working years, retirement, and estate transfer. Getting the proper insurance tools to protect one’s income is vital, but why not use these very same tools to reduce your tax bill and enjoy your lifestyle and leave a greater legacy?


There are efficient ways to reduce the tax you pay.

The Wealthy Physician – Canadian Edition” is an amazing book for physicians, medical professionals in general and business owners.

Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition” is for anybody who finds life insurance confusing and complicated and wants to learn how to get more out of their policies.

While he works with business owners and professionals in general, he has a passion for the medical field. His dad is a doctor (along with his uncle and cousin), and his mom is a nurse (along with several aunts and cousins), so he witnessed firsthand the sacrifices his dad made to build his home-based practice: long days, few weekends off, exhaustion for “family time”… While he felt his dad wasn’t available much for him when he was young, he understands and appreciates what he had to sacrifice to help others and provide for his family. However, his lack of financial knowledge, which is quite common among doctors in general, reduced his ability to really prosper and reap the rewards at the end of his career.

Doctors think they are supposed to be experts in their fields, but not on money. I disagree, you’re working hard, your money should work just as hard, or ideally, much harder!

In the financial services industry since 2010, Antoine is a Certified Executor Advisor, Certified Cash Flow Specialist, and first Canadian to obtain the Infinite Banking Practitioner designation offered by the Nelson Nash Institute. He is undeniably one of the leading experts in Canada on the Infinite Banking Concept.

P.Eng. by trade, he also works as a Director in a municipal environment, which removes any financial pressure and allows him to focus on what matters most for the client, not what pays the highest commission. That also means that his time is limited, and he therefore only works with a few select clients per year, so he can ensure that he gives them his full attention and excellent service.

Life insurance doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. Let him show you how it can actually be exciting, and how the LIVING benefit of one amazing product can change your life. When combined with a proper cash flow plan, you will be able to achieve some results that you didn’t think were possible.

You’re working hard, your money should work hard too, and that is how you’ll be able to leave a legacy and change your family tree.