This is the policy dividend option that we recommend to enable all of the options and concepts in this book.  You could choose a different policy dividend option, but in doing so, you would change how your policy operates and grows over time.  The Paid-Up Additions are what the dividends buy, and they do so automatically each year (assuming you choose this as your dividend election).  “Paid-up” means that no more payments are due on it.  Think of this like a house being the equivalent to your base coverage and an addition to the house as a Paid-Up Addition (PUA) that you build one brick at a time. With each additional brick, your house is getting bigger and more valuable. The PUA are the “bricks” being used to build up your insurance values, making it bigger and more valuable each year. Eventually, the total value of the PUA will likely be worth more than the face value of the policy that was originally purchased. The Paid-Up Additions are what really make the building up of wealth and the growth of the Whole Life Insurance policy possible over time.