Whenever you purchase any life insurance policy, the payment that you make to the insurance company is called a premium. You can set it up to be monthly or annually (you can always change that option down the road, too). With Whole Life insurance, your premiums to the insurance company eventually end up in your cash values.  Also, the amount of these premium payments are guaranteed to never increase over time.  

A regular payment, whether monthly or annually, helps self-impose discipline, and helps money move (which is a critical principle in causing it to grow).  Think of paying a mortgage with a fixed payment that eventually over time allows you to own your house.  In this case though, instead of paying all that interest to the bank, you get to accrue it in your own policy for your own benefit.  Also, keep in mind that with the Live Your Life Insurance approach, we are recycling our cash for guaranteed cash values plus a guaranteed death benefit.  The effect is that one premium dollar will enable you to do up to twelve jobs: primarily building up guaranteed cash value, creating growth through Paid-Up Additions (see “Paid-Up Additions”), and all the while, increasing the death benefit and providing the ability to leverage those growing cash values. See the whole list of 12 jobs on page 27.