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  • I've recently worked with Antoine to set up a Personal Pension Plan through my corporation for my retirement.  He's also helped me identify opportunities where I could save money, get better coverage on my insurances and increase the tax efficiency of my Professional Corporation.  My disability coverage virtually doubled for about the same price, and I understand clearly now what coverage I already had and what was missing. I encourage you to connect with Antoine.
    Dr. Indar, M.D., Surgeon
  • With this little book, The Wealthy Physician, Chase Chandler has done an exceptionally good job of producing an essential outline for all professionals as they develop their financial future. This work can be equally valuable to those who have been led astray by the conventional wisdom that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. I encourage all to study the wisdom that Chase has incorporated here.
    R. Nelson Nash Austrian Economist Author of Becoming Your Own Banker® and Building Your Warehouse of Wealth®
  • Chase Chandler in “The Wealthy Physician” presents the truth in a concise way by identifying challenges and providing a solution to Financial Freedom. Douglas Guest and Antoine Rempp have successfully made this information relevant to Canadian Investors. I highly endorse it as a light in the darkness, for Physicians and all Professionals who are disillusioned with their current wealth accumulation. To retire and live the Canadian Dream, you must open your mind, read this book and be ready for a paradigm shift enabling you to view money in a new way. After 28 years of studying finance, I believe this strategy is ‘The Perfect Investment’.
    Allan L Johnson Financial Advisor, Author, CCS™
  • Teaching at the university level, I am always looking for sources to use with my students. Your book will be one I use in my administration class for health care professionals and I will highly recommend it to my students as a helpful source as they deal with personal finance issues. I sat down and read it through as soon as I got it. It is easy to understand and gives sound advice that even someone that is not into finance will find helpful. I look forward to others in the series. A job well done!
    Randy Lambeth Ed.D., ATC, LAT
  • I want to thank Antoine, Chase and Doug for finally telling the entire reality about Whole Life Insurance and the Infinite Banking Concept® as it applies to Canadians. Discussing and debating with Antoine and other well-informed financial colleagues the merits of the Infinite Banking Concept® for Canadians has greatly increased my understanding and appreciation of this powerful concept. Even more so, our conversations have driven home the importance of ensuring it is built and used correctly from a Canadian perspective. As an individual looking to use the Infinite Banking Concept®, make sure you work with an advisor who understands the Canadian distinctions of the Infinite Banking Concept® as it applies to banking, life insurance and CRA tax laws in Canada.
    Weston Fader Principal Advisor - Atlas Wealth Financial
  • I have recently finished my residency in orthopedic surgery. I now face a mountain of debt along with many other pressures in getting my career started. Add to that the fact that nowhere in medical school or residency training is there a useful section on managing money efficiently. Thankfully, Chase has spelled it all out in his book The Wealthy Physician. It was a very easy read, and it lays out effective strategies in a simple, easy to understand terms. I am looking forward to employing these strategies as laid out in the book as I embark on my career.
    Val Irion M.D.
  • Our way of thinking about money and savings has forever changed thanks to Chase. We are in the process of achieving a level of financial independence and security that I never thought was possible.
    Amanda Caldwell Pharm.D
  • The Wealthy Physician is a must read for anyone in the medical profession. Chase Chandler does an excellent job explaining the correct way to grow your wealth. Chase uses examples, facts, and historical documentation to support his position.
    Neil Denman CPA & Author
  • Congratulations to you, the reader, for keeping an open mind and continuing to learn. Reading Chase’s book was a great reminder to me about WHY we practice Prosperity Economics (my word for what Chase and his team do) and we love having other authors out there telling the WHOLE truth.
    Kim D. H. Butler Best-Selling Author, President of Partners for Prosperity, Inc.
  • Why give your money away to governments, banks, and insurance companies that only like to take money out of your pockets? Now is time to take action and make smart decisions that will last your whole life. Learn to live your life insurance rather than wait until you’re gone and leave nothing for your family to have a better life.
    Real Chartrand Business Owner & Sophisticated Investor
  • Although the title of this superb book singles out Physicians, in truth, it is written for ALL Canadians. This book pinpoints the very reasons many Canadians end up somewhere else and fail miserably after years of planning for their financial future and retirement years. Chandler, Rempp and Guest have clarified a most important process that your financial advisor should be teaching you, or you should be teaching him/her. Once you understand this concept from a Canadian perspective, you will want to put substantial amounts of money into it.
    Will Moran MA, HBA, CLU -- Moran Financial Inc.
  • On reading this book, hopefully people will see the tremendous potential benefits of Whole Life insurance instead of thinking of insurance as an expense. Among the various strategies for accessing the funds and living your life insurance, I found the “Family Bank” section very powerful, especially when it comes to family wealth transfer. Truly, if families would just start following the concept described herein, how much better off would all the generations be! Thanks again for sharing. This is a book that I will feel very comfortable using to help educate advisors on the values and benefits of Whole Life insurance.
    Grace Kallal CFP, CLU, CHFC, CSA
  • From all I’ve read on the subject, Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition is my favorite book so far. I love it! It explains the concept in a very informative and easy to understand manner. Shortly after I was introduced to it, I purchased five Whole Life policies on my kids and grand-kids. After only two years of funding these into my “Family Bank”, I had enough cash value in them to purchase a brand new truck, sell it to one of my businesses, and have the payments with interest paid back to my “bank”. Anyone can do it. With the series of these policies, I will leave a legacy to my family for generations to come. It is truly the best financial advice I have ever had and is also very easy to use. I recommend this book to any new parents, so that they can start their own banks for themselves and their children. This would be one of the smartest investment of their lives. Why give your money away to governments, banks, and insurance companies that only like to take money out of your pockets? Now is time to take action and make smart decisions that will last your whole life. Learn to live your life insurance rather than wait until you’re gone and leave nothing for your family to have a better life.
    Real Chartrand Business Owner & Sophisticated Investor
  • Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition makes you wonder why an entire generation of financial advisors (who have been lulled into complacency about the risks to which they expose their clients), aren’t considering the everyday uses of Whole Life insurance and the guarantees to which this unique product offers. While having many applications for its uses, Butler, Guest and Rempp show us how one dollar can do multiple jobs – and are mystified why we are letting our dollars do only one job. While “Cascading Life Insurance” has been used by the wealthy for generations as a way to pass on wealth, it’s easy to see why more and more Canadians are tossing the idea of ‘buying term and investing the difference’. I’ve had the honour of sitting and studying with all three authors in the same room. In person, they are all engaging, practical, patient and highly insightful, all with unique views on how to Live Your Life Insurance. This book will make you want to race out and put your dollars to better use.
    Will Moran MA, HBA, CLU -- Moran Financial Inc.
  • Wow, Kim Butler has nailed it. A recognized expert in creative Life Insurance Strategies, Kim has provided us with a comprehensive, understandable yet simplified explanation of how to use a somewhat misunderstood product that has been around for over 200 years. Imagine a book that teaches you how to use life insurance while you are alive? What a concept! Filling a void on the Canadian bookshelves, Antoine Rempp and Douglas Guest have Canadianized this amazing book. This book is a must read for anyone who has been disillusioned with the typical Financial Planning process based on assumptions and projections with no guaranteed results. Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition is one of the best I have ever read.
    Allan L Johnson Financial Advisor, Author, CCS™
  • We founded our company Game Changers because we believe entrepreneurs should be able to follow the dreams of their heart. Through getting to know Douglas Guest, and becoming close friends with him, we realized how we have the same passions. He is passionate about people living their passions without having to worry about money. We have discussed that unfortunately, all too often money can get in the way of peoples dreams. Live Your Life Insurance – Canadian Edition outlines a financial tool in Whole Life insurance that really allows its owners to Live Their Lives regardless of any business ambitions. It’s just too bad how many people don’t even know of its existence. Imagine all of the possibilities that life can hold when you don’t have to worry about your finances. You are free to pursue your dreams and see where life takes you. A financial tool to empower one’s own life. Love it.
    Christan Hiscock & Jordan Sickel Founders of Game Changers Inc & Connect Cafés


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