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We focus on three main areas of expertise, and can provide expert financial and tax advice through the members of our team.


Coming from a family of doctors, I understand the sacrifices that you have to make to help your patients and provide for your family. My passion is to help you get more life out of your money, and reduce the risks associated with the fact that your income is probably key to your family’s survival. I have a very unique and extremely professional approach to financial planning, which is based on a tax efficiency that very few firms have in the industry. I also don’t believe that I am an expert at everything, but rely on other professionals to bring their expertise to the table, so together we can achieve a much higher level of support and planning than what one could achieve on his/her own.


As the co-author of two books explaining the Canadian application of the infinite banking concept, I can help you understand how the concept work, and ensure that you’re not being misled by advisors who just see an opportunity to sell big policies. The way the concept is used in the States doesn’t work the same here in Canada, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. I am approached on a regular basis by clients who couldn’t get clear answers from the advisor they were talking to about the concept, and usually end up becoming their specialist for that specific portion of their port folio. Just like a heart surgeon operators on your heart, but leaves the rest to the family doctor, I specialize on the infinite banking portion of your financial plan, and can leave the rest of your financial planning to your existing advisor.


The role of the Executor is extremely misunderstood, and while it is an honor to be named the Executor in someone else’s will, quite often people don’t realize the workload and liability that come with the job. Dealing with an estate literally requires a whole team to manage successfully and smoothly. Don’t try to do it alone. Not only will you end up making some costly mistakes, but you’ll probably suffer a whole lot of unnecessary stress, and potentially some legal action against you. As you start to understand more what is involved, you might just decide to hand that job to a professional, or at least take the necessary steps to ensure that you know as much as possible about what you’re going to have to deal with.


While I have an expertise in dealing with medical doctors, surgeons, specialists, the concepts and strategies I use are also completely relevant to Business Owners. Medical Professionals are business owners, even if they don’t realize it or see it that way. Business owners are the are the foundation of our economy. They work hard, create jobs and provide a most valuable service. There are a lot of risks that need to be mitigated, and now if that wasn’t enough, you have to make sure that you won’t get punished by the government with unnecessary or more than your “fair share” of taxes.

Learn how to grow and protect your wealth

“The Wealthy Physician – Canadian Edition” is a resource for medical professionals who are looking for an alternative to traditional financial planning. In the book, you will discover a new approach to growing and protecting your wealth. Protecting from the taxman, protecting from potential creditors.

Medical Professionals

Different Approaches for Different Age Groups

Going through Residency

First 5 Years of Practice

10-15 Yrs from Retirement


If you’re going through residency, now is a great time to lock in some great discounts on financial products you’ll need once you start practicing.

If you’re in the first 5 years of your practice, the process or value of incorporating and paying off debt are often the more relevant topics of discussion.

If you’re 10 to 15 years from retirement, strategies to optimize retirement income and pulling money out of the company are important.

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Depending on your area of practice, you’re going to have slightly different challenges (or major ones in some cases) to get you from where you are now, to your financial freedom before, or after you retire. We strive to customize every plan we build, based on YOU, and YOUR situation.

The tax measures introduced by the federal and provincial governments are having a significant impact on your personal take-home income. There are ways to reduce that tax liability, you just need to know the right and legitimate tools or strategies.

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As insurance brokers, we get paid by the industry. Which means that if we recommend a solution with a specific company, that company doesn’t have to do any marketing to get your business, so the money they save on marketing, they assign to us. It is not coming out of your pockets, and we’re paid the same by all the insurance companies.

Depending on the complexity of the planning you require, we also offer an hourly rate for analysis and design of a custom financial plan.

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